About Us

Hey fellow super moms, I've walked in your shoes – juggling work, kids, and the endless to-do's. I get the struggle – wanting quick, tasty, budget-friendly meals that transport you back to childhood flavors. Then it hit me – I can't be alone in this desire. Many moms hustle round the clock, leaving little time or energy for a home-cooked meal every night.

The result? Unhealthy fast food or grocery store convenience meals that are lacking in nutrition and flavor, sometimes even blowing the budget. But here's the thing – dinnertime is more than just eating; it's about crafting lasting memories.

I remember my maternal grandmother's stories around the dinner table and I wanted that for my family too. The challenge? Time and energy. Enter the Instant Pot – your culinary magic wand, no spells needed!

I've whipped up a set of Puerto Rican Instant Pot recipes – tasty, quick, easy, and budget-friendly. Let's reclaim dinnertime fun! No more bland meals; say hello to homemade goodness and impress your family with your newfound cooking skills.

-Janine Rosario, Owner